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Samsung Escape Room

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Brand Activation

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Art Director

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Game Designers /

Challenger Escapes

I directed the transformation of a modern London flat into an immersive escape room experience, leveraging Samsung technology.

Four sets of top online gamers from the UK, Italy, Czech Republic, and Benelux took on the challenge, live streaming on their YouTube channels. In a race against time, they had under 30 minutes to unlock exclusive product giveaways and discounts for their followers.

Embracing FOMO, the escape room's creative strategy harnessed Gen Z's aversion to missing out. The narrative unfolded with our talent accidentally locked in the flat, running late to a party—adding to the suspense generated by pre-stream hype on socials.

Collaborating with escape room designers, we designed a range of unique puzzles including a ‘flip-phone’ obstacle course and a heart-rate monitor mirror which showcased key product features for the client. I ensured the experience reflected the Samsung brand, drove engagement, and, most importantly, was entertaining to watch.

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